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What Now? Get the Facts from Your Bank.

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Ignorance is not bliss, contact your bank, and find out what action your Bank takes when online commercial accounts are looted.

The BANK EMAIL, visible below, is also located at the bottom of this page with article attachments, all formatted for easy download. These documents may either be printed for personal or mail delivery, or sent via email. It may take diligence on your part to get answers, but do insist on answers!

We have also included pertinent articles as attachments, these attachments are important since they will "educate" your banker; in many cases, this may be the first time your banker has been confronted with these issues concerning commercial accounts.

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  • The Washington Post Article here gives a brief description of the rash of crime and lack of commercial protection from the banking industry; it will provide some supporting documentation from a reliable source.

  • The FDIC issued a warning to all bank CEOs: "The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is aware of an increased number of fraudulent EFT transactions resulting from compromised login credentials." Read the entire memo here and you can download it below.

  • Avivah Litan, of Gartner, Inc., is a lead researcher and writer when financial fraud, authentication, access management, identity proofing, identity theft, fraud detection and prevention applications are under scrutiny. Here you can read her findings on the current methods of authentication banks employ and how they are flawed.
Downloads:  DOCDownload the Bank Letter in DOC (MS Word) version.
RTFDownload the Bank Letter in Rich Text version.
PDFDownload the Washington Post Article Here.
PDFDownload the Complete FDIC Alert Here.
PDFDownload Gartner/Avivah's Article Here.