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imageCatholic Diocese of Des Moines

Organized cyber thieves stole more than $600,000 from the Catholic Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa earlier this month. The funds were spirited away with the help of dozens of unwitting co-conspirators hired through work-at-home job scams, at least one of whom was told the money was... Read more.

lockFBI Charges Dozens in Global Computer Virus Scam

A massive international cybercrime scheme that relied on Internet viruses to loot millions of dollars from U.S. and foreign bank accounts has been broken, federal law enforcement officials said... Read more.

FDICVishing Scam Hits FDIC

Telephone-based phishing, or vishing scams are quickly ranking among the most popular socially-engineered schemes perpetrated by fraudsters. The latest target: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., which last week warned of a vishing scam that is duping consumers... Read more.

courthouseACH Case: Headed to Trial?

A series of motions in the Experi-Metal vs. Comerica Bank case indicate that this high-profile ACH fraud conflict could be headed for a jury trial... Read more.

imageShould Banks be Liable for Business Losses to Fraud?

In the wake of opposing lawsuits by banks and customers over ACH fraud and "reasonable security," business and bank advocates are at odds over whether federal regulations should be amended to enhance commercial protection... Read more.

imageCyberthieves stealing from large percentage of small businesses

Cybercriminals are cracking into the online bank accounts of small- and medium-sized businesses at an unprecedented rate. Read more.

imageBank Vs. Customer: War of Words Heats Up

In May, one of the year's biggest conflicts came to a close with the announcement of a settlement between PlainsCapital Bank and Hillary Machinery - the customer sued by the bank in the wake of ACH fraud. Read more.

imageCyberthieves Silently Copy Your Passwords as You Type

Most people who use e-mail now know enough to be on guard against "phishing" messages that pretend to be from a bank or business but are actually attempts to steal passwords and other personal information. Read more.

imageThe Case for Cybersecurity Insurance, Part II

When cyber crooks stole nearly $35,000 this year from Brookeland Fresh Water Supply District in East Texas, the theft nearly drained the utility’s financial reserves. Fortunately for the 1,300 homes and businesses it serves, Brookeland had purchased cyber security insurance, and now appears on track to recoup all of the unrecovered funds in exchange for a $500 deductible. Read more.

vaultBanks failing to protect small businesses from cyber crime wave

The US banking industry is failing to protect its small business customers from a destructive epidemic of cyberfraud that is sweeping the nation, according to research by Guardian Analytics and Ponemon Institute...The research found that 55% of businesses reported experiencing fraud in the last 12 months, with 58% of fraud enabled by online banking activities... Read more.

wreckerCyber Thieves Steal $447,000 From Wrecking Firm

Organized cyber thieves are increasingly looting businesses in heists that can net hundreds of thousands of dollars. Security vendors and pundits may be quick to suggest a new layer of technology to thwart such crimes, but in a great many cases, the virtual robbers are foiled because an alert observer spotted something amiss early on and raised a red flag. Read more.

imagePerils of online banking: cyberrobbers escalate attacks on small businesses

A rising swarm of cyber-robberies targeting small firms, local governments, school districts, churches and non-profits has prompted an extraordinary warning. The American Bankers Association and the FBI are advising small and midsize businesses that conduct financial transactions over the Internet to dedicate a separate PC used exclusively for online banking. Read more.