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Victims Map
Cyber Crime Victims Map


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Our Current Map of US Victims

Within the map, you can click on each peg and it will open up to show you the victim of cyber theft, their location and approximately how much money was stolen. You can also click on the company name to read more about that company and their story.

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Map from late 2010 4/4/11 - We have updated the victims map again. If you will compare the old map to the left to the new map above, you can tell it's becoming more crowded. We have about 30 more pegs since the last update at the end of 2010, i.e. 30 more victims of cyber theft (that we know of). If you have been victim to cyber theft and are not listed, please sign up. We - and the rest of the country - need you to speak up! Banks need to hear from us, our elected officials need to hear about us and small businesses and organizations need to hear how their money is not safe in the bank.

Again - we NEED to hear from you if you have been taken victim to cyber theft! There is power in numbers, so please, Tell Us Your Story or simply Sign Up!. THIS IS AMERICA! Use your freedom of speech and let's change the way the banking laws work in this country!