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Commercial (Business) Bank Accounts Are Not Protected From Fraud under the FDIC!

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I am emailing you because I have just learned that all across America, organizations just like ours have been devastated when the money in their bank accounts has disappeared to eastern Europe, stolen by hackers who hijack their online banking access. The FBI is investigating over THREE HUNDRED of these cases right now and there are new victims every day.

Federal regulations force banks to reimburse victims for fraud losses when the money is stolen from a personal account, regardless of how the crime was committed. However, there are no such regulations protecting commercial accounts. It's up to your bank as to the security measures they employ to protect your money from cyber-criminals, and whether they will make you whole for your losses if their measures fail. A few banks will compensate these types of fraud losses, but most will not.

The FDIC does not protect you from cyber-fraud. It only covers losses due to total bank failure. Nor will your business insurance either, in most cases. A number of organizations have gone bankrupt due to these losses; many others are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees suing to recover their money.

Don't be the next victim! Go to and print out the letter you need to take to your bank to find out your bank’s policy concerning online-banking theft.

If you can't believe what you are reading, please visit the following sites to read about unsuspecting victims who simply ASSUMED their money was safe in the bank:

And HELP SPREAD THE WORD. You are seeing this email because I learned of this threat and took the time to warn you of it. Send this information on to all your friends and business associates so they can protect themselves!

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P.S. If you know any victims, tell them about this website. It will show them how to get politically active. If enough victims write their representative and senators, then Congress will act to protect our money.



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